why freeze-dried food?

freeze-dried food:

Originally produced for the U.S. Military and NASA, freeze-dried food has several advantages over frozen or dehydrated foods. Frozen foods retain flavor and nutritional value, but require low temperature storage conditions. Freeze-drying preserves freshness, color, and aroma, while being completely shelf-stable.

food insurance® benefits:

Long Shelf-Life: Food Insurance® foods are preserved through whichever preservation process is best suited for the food. Freeze-drying and dehydration are the most commonly used methods, although some items are best left in their natural state like beans, legumes and rice. The food is then sealed to prevent the re-absorption of moisture, the substance may be stored at room temperature without refrigeration, and be protected against spoilage for many years. Preservation is possible because the greatly reduced water content inhibits the action of microorganisms and enzymes that would normally spoil or degrade the substance.

Food Insurance® uses two different types of packaging for our foods. The food in our bug-out backpack and bucket supplies comes in heavy-duty pouches, making them compact and portable. These packages come with a 7-10 year shelf-life. The food in our food storage plans comes in enamel coated steel #10 cans, and has up to a 25+ year shelf-life.

Regardless of your emergency food needs, with Food Insurance® you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality, longest lasting food available on the market.  

Convenient Storage: Through our preservation processes 98% of the water is removed from our foods, making them light, portable, and compact.   Our food is then stored in #10 cans which are packed inside of uniform sized boxes. Traditional food storage containers are often awkward and come in different shapes and sizes. This makes it difficult to discreetly store or even find a place in your home for emergency food. Food Insurance®'s compact design allows you to store more in less space.

The Food Insurance®s; 2-weekbug-out-bags come convenient stored in a ready-to-go backpack that can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed, while ready on a moments notice.

Easy Preparation: Food Insurance® products can be rehydrated (reconstituted) very quickly and easily. All that is required is water. Although, for some products hot water is recommended for the fastest reconstitution time (8-10 minutes) and the best taste. Some products can be prepared with cold water if that is all that's available.

Gourmet Quality: Quite simply, Food Insurance® products are delicious! Few people enjoy eating the same thing day after day. Your emergency food solution should offer a variety of great-tasting foods that taste and look as fresh as homemade meals.

Many competitors say they provide high quality meals, but on further inspection, these "meals" are bland tasting and contain very little nutrition. If you or your kids won't eat it, then what good is having it?