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    For several years, Food Insurance has been the premier name in emergency food storage. We have received endorsements from, or have been featured by some of America's top conservatives: Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Wilcow, Laura Ingraham, George Noory and many others.

    Sean Hannity - Why Food Insurance?

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    Food Insurance – America’s Most Trusted Emergency Food Provider

    When it comes to emergency food, there are hundreds of options, so why should you choose Food Insurance? The answer is simple, because Food Insurance is America’s most trusted food provider. How can we make such a claim? When you know the facts, it’s actually pretty simple. Here are a few things you may not know about Food Insurance:

    1. We ARE the manufacturer. Most emergency food companies are simply resellers or middle men. Food Insurance is the retail division of Freeze-Dry Foods Inc. One of only two USDA approved meat freeze-dryers.
    2. We truly offer a 25-year shelf-life. We understand that everyone offers a long self-life, but how can a company that has only been in business for 5 years or less, guarantee something will last x5 their existence? Freeze-Dry Foods Inc. has been producing freeze-dried food since the 1960’s. With over 40 years of experience and extensive testing, we know how long our products will last. Occasionally we have a product that won't last 25-years, for example, pouches in buckets or backpacks. When this is the case, we will always be upfront and specify a realistic shelf-life, generally 10-15 years.
    3. Our food is nutritious and will keep you healthy for an extended period of time. Sure, everyone can offer a 3-month or 6-month supply of food, but what are you really getting? At Food Insurance, we want to be upfront and honest about all of our offerings. For example, all of our basic meal plans include 2-meal per day for 2 adults, at 1000+ calories per day. Our premium meal plans include 3-meals per day for 2 adults, at 2000+ calories per day. Additionally, our calories are quality and come from fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and dairy. You won’t find high-calorie fillers like sugary drinks and crackers in any of our packages. When you sit down and compare apples to apples (nutrition), no one provides a more nutritious emergency food plan at a better price, no one.
    4. Our food tastes great! We’re so confident that you will love Food Insurance’s gourmet entrees, that we’re happy to send you a single serving pouch for free.
    For more information on how Food Insurance can help protect your family from the unexpected, browse www.foodinsurance.com, or contact one of our emergency food preparedness experts at 1-866-946-8366.


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