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Camping with Kids Checklist

Camping with kids can be very overwhelming because you not only need to pack for yourself, but for your child(ren) as well. Not to mention you need to pack shelter, food, and other essentials. All of this preparation can become stressful and cause you to forget some of the most important items needed for your camping trip.

We understand how crazy this can be, so our sister company, Campfire Meals, made a checklist that’s downloadable/printable to help you with your packing journey.


Click here to download and print Camping with Kids Checklist.

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Why Nutrition is Important for Food Storage

Good nutrition is an essential factor to help keeping you healthy and active. When a disaster happens, many forget that a main part of staying alive is eating nutritious food and drinking water. Having poor nutrition can impair our wellbeing and cause our bodies to slow affecting our ability to problem solve, our overall alertness, and muscle response time. These are vital abilities needed to survive a disaster.


When choosing food storage, it is important to choose food with a good nutritional value. It is important to remember that each person should have at least 1000 calories a day with meals that are well-balanced and nutritious. Be sure to include vitamin, mineral, and protein supplements in your food storage to help keep the balance in your meal. Also, make sure there is enough water to hydrate each member of your group.

If you need help finding nutritious and well-balanced long-term food storage, here is a list of our new long-term meal plans to help keep you and your group healthy and safe:



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Stages & Symptoms of Dehydration

The number one thing a person needs to remember when they are trying to survive is to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes the body to slowly shut down, which not only could potentially lead to death, but it causes confusion making it harder for a person to make logical survival choices that could save their life.

Do you know how to spot dehydration? Here is a simple infographic that will help you to know the different stages of dehydration and the symptoms that go along with them. Remember, it only takes three days without water for your body to completely shut down.


Here are some ways to store water so you and your family have enough water to survive:

Essentials for a DIY Bug Out Bag

The top reasons why people don’t prepare are because they think it is too difficult, too expensive, and too time consuming.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, putting together a basic family preparedness plan with a bug out bag for each family member can generally be done in an evening.

In an effort to help you and your family prepare, Food Insurance® has put together a list of essential items to help you as you put together your own DIY Bug Out Bag:

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4 Questions To Ask Before Buying Emergency Food Storage

For many people, buying an emergency food storage supply feels like a daunting task. With all of the products available on the market, the amount of research needed to find the right thing for your family can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. One our our team members, Tim Hemingway, recently met with the Studio 5 morning news program in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss four simple questions you should ask before buying emergency food.

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5 Bug-Out-Bag Items Pinners Forget

When doing a “do it yourself” project, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.  It will help you think of  adding things you normally wouldn’t think of. There is a category that is dedicated to “preparedness” that has numerous ideas to help pinners get prepared. Bug-Out-Bags are a huge catch on Pinterest, and while we were going through some of the lists, we found five important items pinners shouldn’t forget to pack.

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Survival Tip: Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Garden Seeds

It is always smart to have food storage in your house, whether it is canned or freeze-dried. Of course, here at Food Insurance, we encourage everyone to be prepared. With this being said, if you happen to have canned food stored, here is a great tip if an emergency does arise, but you misplaced, broke, or lost your can opener.

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Olympus Falls: As Detroit is, The U.S.A. May Become


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Many people take comfort in the fact that the United States is a super power.  They lean on the faith that this economy and this great nation will always be around to support them.  The sad truth is that this great nation could always survive if it weren’t for the degradation of our moral fiber. Because of our goodness and good will, we have grown into the world superpower.  But, now that we are the superpower, we are turning into a nation of entitlement and greed.

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