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Individual Preparedness

As disasters continue to impact our world, the role of individuals and the importance of engaging all sectors in reducing the impact of disasters have become increasingly evident. Recognizing the need to involve the Nation more fully, Presidential Policy Directive-8 (PPD-8), issued on March 20, 2011, states that “our national preparedness is the shared responsibility … Continued

The Lowdown On Water Storage

Water is the most important resource we can have in an emergency situation. It makes up 50% of our bodies, but we need to make sure we are 100% clear how to properly store water.  It is also important to know when and how to treat water for any kind of disastrous situation.   Share … Continued

Preparing Through Service

  September is known as National Preparedness Month and this week’s theme is “Preparing Through Service.” After a disaster, communities have rallied together to aid, support, and help each other out. One thing you can do to prepare before the disaster through service is to attend a blood drive and/or donate plasma. You can also … Continued

Essentials for a DIY Bug-Out Bag (Infographic)

September is National Preparedness Month. With this being said, it is always important to be prepared for any emergency that may occur. One of the easiest things a person can do start preparing is to have a bug-out bag. A bug-out bag is full of food, water, and emergency essentials. Every prepper has their own … Continued

Family Emergency Plan

  All the preparation in the world won’t make a difference if you haven’t explained to the people you love and care about what to do when trouble strikes. For this reason, it is important to have a plan, a backup plan and practice these often, in case there is an emergency. The first step in … Continued

September is National Preparedness Month

  If you’re like most of us, you are experiencing a bit of awe that August escaped so quickly, and we find autumn just around the corner. September; that time of year when the summer fun winds down, schools start up again, and life seems to get “back to normal.” For some parts of the … Continued

Why You Should Watch The Pot

In light of hurricane season, it is becoming more and more essential that we know how to fend for ourselves and our families.  When it comes to survival, drinkable water should be a number one priority.  Being cut off from an adequate water supply can leave you defenseless against otherwise easily preventable problems such as … Continued

Water Purification Methods

  When it comes to purifying possibly contaminated water, there is no such thing as being too careful. Untreated water could contain sewage, bacteria, diseases, viruses, parasites, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactivity, chemicals, or even poison. Without drinking water, death will occur within three to ten days. If a person drinks water that has not yet … Continued

Do It Yourself Lights Out Kit

  What is a Lights Out Kit? Simply put, a Lights Out Kit is a small container consisting of items that will help aid you in the event of a power outage. This would include candles, oil / solar lamps, matches, lighters, flashlights, and anything else that would provide relief in a no power situation. … Continued

72-Hour Kits For Babies

    Most instructions you will find on creating 72-hour kits, bug-out bags, or other evacuation supplies leave out an important family member: your baby or infant. If your child is under two years old, they require many special supplies on top of regular 72-hour kit supplies. Planning for their needs should take a little … Continued