Month: May 2012

Are All Freeze-Dried Meats Created Equal?

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the emergency food market regarding the quality of products that appear to be comparable.  One common question is: are all freeze-dried meats created equal?  The simple answer to this is no.  Several companies have introduced freeze-dried meats that are full of fillers and preservatives; many times … Continued

Community Emergency Preparedness

The more people who are prepared when a disaster strikes, the better off everyone will be. Imagine living in a place where every single person had a well-stocked food storage supply, and enough survival gear to live comfortably for several months. If everyone was prepared during an emergency, grocery stores wouldn’t be bombarded, people wouldn’t … Continued

Food Storage Tips for Beginners

In light of recent events, may people have felt the subtle urge to start preparing for the possibility of something affecting their food supply. Each individual has his or her own reason for preparing. It could be the threat of global warming, the possibility of a major economic downturn, a job loss, or a natural … Continued