Month: September 2012

Win an Emergency Plus Kit

September is National Prepardness month, and Food Insurance™ want’s to help you prepare.  We are giving away an Emergency Plus Kit to a random fan on our Facebook page.  To be entered in the drawing, click here.

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Low Sodium Meal Options

We have received several questions recently about meal options for individuals with special dietary needs.   The most common questions we receive reference gluten free, vegetarian, and low sodium options. At Food Insurance™, our goal is to provide high quality emergency food to everyone.   Here is a little bit of information regarding these dietary concerns.

5 Tips for an Affordable Food Storage Plan

Many people haven’t started an emergency food storage plan because they don’t think they can afford it. If there is an emergency or natural disaster, this is something they will most likely regret. Here list of ways to start stockpile food for your family that won’t break the bank.

Food Storage 101: Prepping Your Storage Area

If you are just beginning your food storage plan, then Food Storage 101 is what you need. Before you begin buying food, you need to make sure the area where you plan to store the food is properly prepped. Here are three simple steps to get your food storage area ready to ensure longer shelf-life.