Month: October 2012

Emergency Survival Supplies You Need to Have

Natural disasters or other emergency situations cause fear and anxiety for many people, there is no need to feel this way if you are prepared. There are essential items that every household needs to have in order to get through the rough times. No matter where you live, disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, … Continued

Survival Food: Preparation for an Emergency

Is your family prepared for an emergency? During a natural disaster, just about anything can happen. It is likely that you will lose power and gas, and depending on the severity, you could lose your home. Roads may be blocked, flooded or closed. If these conditions arise, how will you and your family survive? With … Continued

Organized Emergency Preparedness

To keep my food storage organized, I keep an itemized list on a clipboard (a notebook will work) of all food items by product, size, type of container, description, expiration date, and number of servings on hand.

Safely Storing Food, The Free Way

I found a very affordable way to store rice, beans, flour, noodles and any other food item (my Food Insurance™ food is stored in 15 of them).  This is also a great way to store any paper products or paper towels, matches, and anything else that has to be kept dry, away from heat, and bug … Continued

Food Storage Breakfast Tip

Usually, my morning routine is pretty set and I arrive at my job within a couple of minutes. This past Wednesday was a bit slower than normal, or rather I was, as I had not slept very well.

Backpack Additions

When I received my two Food Insurance™ backpacks, I added a few items to enhance their use in a survival situation.