Month: January 2013

Preparing for a Family – A Father’s Perspective

I have a major responsibility; my wife and children.  They have to have food, shelter, and water. I started really considering the logistics of how to evacuate the Tampa area in case of a hurricane.  What do I need, and how much?  My search led me to the Food Insurance™ website and I liked the … Continued

List of Emergency Supplies

When an emergency strikes, you need to be prepared. If the emergency is a natural disaster, there’s a large possibility that you won’t have access to stores to get the things you need because roads may be closed. The weather conditions may not permit it. And, often times, if you can get to the store, … Continued

The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food

During a natural disaster or other emergency situation, you probably won’t have power or running water. And, who knows how long this could last. If this happens, do you have an emergency plan that will ensure that you and your family can still eat? Having emergency water and an emergency food supply is the best … Continued

Keeping Warm in an Apartment

For most people, the idea of being in an apartment without power during a snowstorm sounds scary.  Apartment dwellers generally don’t have luxury of things like a fireplace or a generator.  I choose to look at an apartment as being a great location to be.  Why, you may ask?  Because there is less space to … Continued

Make Preparedness Your New Year’s Resolution

At Food Insurance™, we are dedicated to providing you with the best, most relevant information to get your family prepared.  We would like to help start out the new year by giving you a list of essentials that every family should have on hand.