Month: February 2013

Gardening: Great for Emergencies

When thinking about how to best prepare yourself and your family for an emergency, having your own garden might not be something that comes to mind. It turns out that having your own household garden is one of the best food options when preparing for an unknown emergency. Let’s discuss why your own garden would … Continued

Tornadoes: Watch for the Signs

During my time in New York City, there seemed to be all kinds of turbulent, out-of-the-ordinary weather. However, I was not expecting there to be a tornado. Who ever heard of tornadoes in New York? All the same, on September 16, 2010, I can remember looking out my apartment window and seeing flashes of light … Continued

Reasons Why People Don’t Prepare

Why do people not think about emergency preparedness? Emergency preparedness is meant to cover every possibility, from power outages to unemployment to every single natural disaster that could strike. Not a single person or family is immune to these calamities, but only a select few prepare for what might come. Why is that?

Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods?  Food Insurance™ has put together an easy-to-understand infographic that answers the most common questions about the two most popular food storage preservation methods.

Don’t Forget About Water!

Water.  It is the most important resource on the planet, and in an emergency situation is crucial for your family’s well-being.  When you are building your emergency supply, it is absolutely vital that you have an adequate store of water in addition to food and other necessities.

Putting Together an Emergency Binder

Emergency situations can completely cut you off from all of the resources that you rely on every day. When the power goes out, you will not be able to look up first aid instructions or recipes to cook on the internet. If your phone is dead, you will not have the important phone numbers you … Continued