Month: March 2013

Why A Family Emergency Plan is Essential

There’s one thing more frightening than all natural disasters and unexpected events combined—the belief that none of them will happen to you. While there’s no need for excessive alarm, today’s reality is that natural disasters can and do happen with increasing regularity. In 2012 alone the United States was victim to 112 natural disasters that … Continued

Sanitation Items Checklist

When planning for an emergency, you are going to want to think about sanitation. Without proper sanitation, you and your family can get seriously ill – especially young children and the elderly. It would be dangerous to the point of life-threatening to drink water in certain emergencies where it could have been contaminated. Not being … Continued

10 Safety Tips for Your Home

In the process of planning and preparing for an emergency, it can be easy to overlook simple steps you can take to make your home a little safer. Amidst all the overwhelming supply gathering, take some time to think about habits you and your family can form now to prevent calamities. Here are some tips … Continued

Communicating During an Emergency

An important part of all emergency preparedness is communication. When a natural disaster strikes, your first instinct will be to call family and friends to check on their whereabouts and condition. If the calamity occurs while you are at work, it may even be necessary to contact your children at school or spouse where he … Continued

Water Storage Options

The single most important resource in order to stay alive is water.  This means that you need to be fully equipped and prepared in regards to water if you are to survive during any emergency.

Educating Your Family on Preparedness

As a parent, I’m always prepared for any circumstance. Skinned knee? I’ve got a band-aid. Hungry toddler, I’ve got a purse full of granola bars. Yet, unlike being equipped with fruit snacks, crayons, and wet wipes, educating your family on emergency preparation is bit more challenging. However, it’s crucial that you and your family understand … Continued