Month: July 2013

Adding First Aid Supplies to your Preparedness Plan

Once you have built up your emergency food supply, a good next step is to begin to assemble a first aid kit.  Whether you are dealing with a natural disaster, severe weather, or simply a power outage;   having a good first aid kit/supplies will help you be prepared to take immediate action.

Common Household Hazards

When thinking about emergency preparedness, we often focus on major weather events, seismic activity, or even terrorist attacks.  All too often, we completely overlook events that are much more commonplace, and can be equally as dangerous.  One area that I believe every family needs to think about is the dangers of chemicals that are readily … Continued

Buy Now or Save?

When getting ready to buy supplies to prepare for an emergency, people often ask whether it is better to buy a little at a time or all at once. The answer is… it really depends on you. The two major factors are your financial situation and your personality. Each method has its advantages and its … Continued