Month: April 2014

10 Ways Paracord Can Help You In A Pinch – Infographic

Who would have thought something that was made to help soldiers jump out of a perfectly good airplane could be used for so many things that could help you survive in a pinch. Paracord can help you keep your pants up and protect your food from hungry bears, paracord should be part of any emergency … Continued

What Do Regular, Run-of-the-mill Families Need to Prepare For?

  You’ve probably heard about those “preppers” or survivalists.  You know, the people who store food, medical supplies, and maybe ammunition or other necessities they think they might need in an emergency?  Perhaps for a long time you thought they were crazy.  Then came Katrina, Sandy, and maybe a period of unemployment, and you decided … Continued

Where and How Do You Start Preparing?

Perhaps you’ve decided your family needs an emergency preparedness plan, but you’re a little overwhelmed at all there is to do.  Maybe you’ve gone as far as to make a list of things to buy and how to store them, along with some information about surviving an emergency, but putting your plan into action seems … Continued