Month: February 2015

5 Bug-Out-Bag Items Pinners Forget

When doing a “do it yourself” project, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.  It will help you think of  adding things you normally wouldn’t think of. There is a category that is dedicated to “preparedness” that has numerous ideas to help pinners get prepared. Bug-Out-Bags are a huge catch on Pinterest, and while … Continued

Survival Tip: Open A Can Without A Can Opener

It is always smart to have food storage in your house, whether it is canned or freeze-dried. Of course, here at Food Insurance, we encourage everyone to be prepared. With this being said, if you happen to have canned food stored, here is a great tip if an emergency does arise, but you misplaced, broke, … Continued

Olympus Falls: As Detroit is, The U.S.A. May Become

  Many people take comfort in the fact that the United States is a super power.  They lean on the faith that this economy and this great nation will always be around to support them.  The sad truth is that this great nation could always survive if it weren’t for the degradation of our moral … Continued