Month: January 2016

Why Hygiene and Sanitation Is Important For Prepping

Daily Bread wrote an article about hygiene and sanitation that really caught our eye. We wanted to add to their list of basic hygiene and sanitation practices with five more steps that you can take to stay healthy, clean, and safe during an emergency. Below is the original article by Daily Bread. ——————- Prioritizing hygiene … Continued

Hiding Your Valuables In Plain Sight

One of the most difficult things a prepper has to figure out is where they should hide their valuables. A safe or vault is a good way to lock away valuables, but some burglars will just steal the entire safe or vault leaving you with nothing. This is the reason why Q-Line Design has done a … Continued

5 Things To Do If People Find Out You’re A Prepper

The number one rule that all preppers should know is to never talk about your prepping to anyone.  There are many reasons for this rule that are obvious and can be life-threatening, which is why it is very important a prepper does not talk about their supplies or strategies. But, let’s say, someone does find … Continued