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Bandages That Should Be In Your Bug-Out Bag

  First aid in an emergency situation should never be overlooked. Even the smallest cut can get infected and could potentially turn fatal. This is why you should always be prepared with bandages and ointment. When deciding which bandage you should pack for your first aid kit in a bug-out bag, here are some things … Continued

Navigation 101

  One of the most important things everyone should know during an emergency situation is how to navigate. Navigation is a vital skill every survivalist needs. With technology nowadays, many of us have forgotten or haven’t learned how to navigate without a GPS, Siri, smartphones, Google Maps, etc. As we all know cell phone batteries, … Continued

5 Important Knots You Should Know

There are hundreds of ways to tie knots. For survival reasons, one should know how to tie several different kinds. Out of all the knots out there, here are five knots that are important to know how to tie in case you do need to use them in any situation. The Clove Hitch Knot (Also … Continued

Can and Cannot: Food Storage Cans

    When looking for a location to store your emergency food storage,  there are several things that are important to keep in mind. Proper storage is crucial to maintain the foods nutrition, taste, texture, and shelf-life. With every “can” that goes along with proper storage, there is a “cannot” to counteract. Can-“Cans”: Temperature: For … Continued

DIY Survival – Hut From Scratch

Shelter is one of our most basic needs.  It can, in some instances, outweigh the immediate need for water or food in order to preserve life in extreme situations.  For example, prolonged exposure to extreme cold can cause excessive fatigue, weakness, and other damaging physical effects such as hypothermia.  These damaging physical effects may limit … Continued

When Disaster Strikes

Disaster can strike at any given moment, we all know this. It’s just a matter of when, where, and how bad it will be. When disaster does strike, it is important to be able to gather all your supplies, and if possible any extra household items before hunkering down. The infographic below (brought to us … Continued

How Prepared Are You?

At Food Insurance, we are frequently asked, “How prepared do I need to be?” While the answer to this question is personal and will vary for every situation, it is definitely something worth considering.

Common Household Spiders

Spring is almost here, which brings flowers, insects, and spiders. The spiders are coming out of hiding to eat and breed. It is important to know which spiders are harmful or harmless and if they live in your region. Here is a great infographic on identifying common U.S. house spiders brought to you by the … Continued

Shooting Fundamentals (Infographic)

For people new to shooting sports, basic fundamentals can immediately help them become more proficient.  However, the first step with anyone new to firearms, is to learn and practice proper gun safety.  These 4 cardinal rules of gun safety should always be observed. Always treat a gun as if it is loaded Never point the … Continued

Survival Skills Your Child Should Know & Be Able To Do

It is just as important to teach survival skills to your children as it is to learn them for yourself. We recommend practicing and learning these skills together as a family. Here are some practical and basic survival skills that we think you should teach your kids: Basic Survival Trust your instincts Develop situational awareness … Continued