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Up to 20 Year Shelf-Life | DIY Flexibility | Great Taste

Make food storage flexible
This Beef Bouillon can added to many other foods, providing both taste and nutrition. Please your entire family
It's the base of many common and delicious foods, so you'll have food around that you'll want to eat, not that you'll just have to eat. Be prepared for your next time of need
With up to a 20 year shelf life you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being prepared. Make your food storage exciting
Great for the base of creative cooking. Make all kinds of meals with other supplies like beef, beans, carrots, and much more!Although food storage is essential and useful to have around, most people consider it a chore, probably because it takes so much time and money. But with Saratoga Farms, food storage can be fun, fast, and tasty! Beef Bouillon is a great flavoring that everyone is used to--it's found in most canned soups and is used even when making soup with fresh ingredients. Beef Bouillon can also be used as a flavoring on other foods.

Emergency experts from organizations like FEMA and The Red Cross suggest that if you can eat as close to your normal diet as possible during a disaster, then you'll be better equipped to deal with the stresses and challenges of that emergency. Just add water, some freeze-dried vegetables and some meat, and you have a delicious soup ready to be enjoyed! Think about how much simpler your life would be if, after a hard day of running around, you don't have to spend hours at the stove in order to have a delicious home-cooked meal.

And though this Beef Bouillon would be great as a substitute for other foods in a pinch, its primary purpose is to give you some peace of mind during an emergency. These disasters (like hurricanes, earthquakes, winter storms, or even floods) can hit at any time; and they certainly won't wait until you've finished attending to your food storage needs. During a disaster, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you and your family is going to be able to eat. Our Beef Bouillon keeps for years, so you can have delicious instant meals at any time. Remember: as long as you're prepared, disasters and emergencies don't have to be tragedies!

Saratoga Farms is a well-known and respected food storage company that makes and sells traditional basic dried and dehydrated foods. These foods are second to none in terms of quality and taste. We take great care to ensure the foods are packaged in optimal conditions with minimal moisture in a licensed and certified clean-room environment. We include an oxygen absorber in all of our products and verify the integrity of the seal on all our finished items to give you the best quality possible.

Our careful packaging and special dehydration process ensures that you get the nutrition you need without losing the benefits of good tasting food. Let us save you money and simplify your life with the products we know are the best deal around.
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