2 PACK - Saratoga Farms Brown Rice ValueBUCKET

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Great Nutrition | Up to 10 Year Shelf-Life | Bulk Food Storage

Choose natural food over preservatives
The only ingredient in this bucket is Long Grain Brown Rice! Food storage container filled to the brim
Filled to the top with high-quality ingredients, our ValueBUCKETS are a great way to store a lot of food in an efficient space! High-grade food storage container
This food-grade bulk bucket is made from high-quality materials that will keep your food safe and ready for you. New Square Bucket
Did you know the square bucket save over 20% more space than round buckets? Also with locking grooves, this buckets can stack vertically while remaining safe. Saratoga Farms Brown Rice ValueBUCKETs come loaded with high-quality bulk food storage, from the highest quality growers around. When planning for that unexpected emergency you'll come to find that nutrition is the key stone of food storage. Brown rice is a must have whole grain for your food storage. Jam-packed with selenium, manganese, fiber, rich in anti-oxidants, and lowers cholesterol for those who add brown rice to anyone's diet.

Saratoga Farms Long Grain Brown Rice ValueBUCKETs come with food loaded to the brim. We know food storage space is a premium for most people and that filling the bucket to the brim is the best way to conserve space and give value to our customers. Saratoga Farms ValueBUCKET has a mylar bag and oxygen absorbers sealed inside. This keeps light and moisture out so your food stays good for a long, long time and since the mylar bag keeps the aroma inside, rodents won't be coming for a meal.

All Saratoga Farms dehydrated and dried products have a great reputation of being long-lasting, packed with nutrients, and great-tasting - and Long Grain Brown Rice is no exception! That's why so many people buy pounds of flour and sugar, but neglect to purchase anything with practical applications. Having some extra food storage staples around is always a good idea. But if you're looking for bulk food storage, you'll actually be excited to eat and make, then this Long Grain Brown Rice - which can be used in dozens of recipes - is definitely something you should have in your food storage.
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