2 PACK - Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Blueberries

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Durable shelf-life | Painless preparation | Full of nutrients

Preparation in seconds
Add water to the blueberries and they are ready to use in a few moments. Or, you can just eat them straight from the can! Use in recipes or as a snack
Whole Blueberries are great for desserts, breakfasts, mixes, smoothies and more! Use them in tons of your food storage recipes! 30 year shelf-life
You'll have the safety you desire when you have food that can stay on your shelf for three decades. Essential vitamins and nutrients
Blueberries are full of vitamins and essential nutrients that will keep you energized!Saratoga Farms Whole Blueberries are a great way to add nutrients to your food storage like Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They come with a 30-year shelf life and only take a few moments to prepare.Whole Blueberries are great for your family's favorite recipe desserts, breakfasts and even smoothies! The blueberries are ready to use in any recipe!

You can prepare these blueberries within a matter of minutes by simply adding water. After letting the berries sit for a moment they are restored to their original flavor and smell without losing any of their nutritional value. You can also use these Whole Blueberries as a light-weight snack on campouts, car rides or any other trip with your family and friends! The best thing about these wonderful fruits is their shelf-life. They can stay on your shelf for 30 years or more - providing you with peace of mind as you prepare your family for any emergency that lay ahead.
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