2 PACK - Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Corn

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Great for any meal | Just add water | 30 year shelf-life

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Use this Super Sweet Corn in your family's time-tested recipes! You can also prepare it as a side dish! Simple preparation
Just add water and in a matter of minutes you are eating a nutritious side the whole family will enjoy, add butter, salt, and pepper if you would like. Long shelf-life
This Super Sweet Corn has a great shelf-life of 30 years! Peace of mind in a can
Food storage is about being prepared for any situation that lay ahead of you! What better way to prepare than with a nutritional food that lasts for decades?Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Corn is a great source of fibers, vitamins and minerals to keep you going in an emergency. With a 30 year shelf-life, you and your family won't be lacking for years to come!

This corn can be used in your favorite recipes! Use them in stews, chowders, chilis, salads or simply as a side dish! All you have to do is add water to restore the corn to its original state!

Sweet Corn will add balance to your family's food storage diet! Corn is a great source of carbohydrates, folate and other essential nutrients! It also is a great source of calories - which are essential during an emergency situation.

This freeze-dried corn is also great for its shelf-life! This Sweet Corn will stay on the shelf for 30 years to come! With such an extremely long shelf-life, super sweet taste and essential vitamins and minerals, a can of Saratoga Farms Super Sweet Corn is a great addition to your food storage pantry!
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