20-Gallon Stackable Water Container Kit - 4 Qty

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What better way to prepare for an emergency than with a water supply for you and your family. This bundle of 4 Stackable Water Containers (5 gallons each) is a great way to save space and add gallons to your water storage.

Instead of storing water in old milk jugs, which can easily break and split, have dependability with these Stackable Water Containers. They are made from high-grade, BPA-free plastic that won't leach into your water and prevents bacterial growth.

Since the four containers are stackable too, they will save you space in your preparation needs. Since home-made water containers like milk jugs can't be stacked, you'll be tripping over them as they are sprawled all over the floor. Not with the Stackable Water Containers! You'll save space and have a higher-quality container.

More than anything, these stackable water containers provide you and your family with security in case of an emergency or hard time. You'll have 40 days of drinking water or 20 days of drinking + hygiene water. Many times, natural disasters come quickly and catch people off guard. You won't have to worry about that whether power outage, drought or economic disaster.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid leaking, tighten cap well. The vast majority are able to do so by hand. For those that are not able to fasten the cap tight enough by hand, we recommend using channel locks and Teflon Tape as needed.
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