4 PACK - Daily Bread White Milk Alternative Mix

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When you’re in the need of milk but the grocery store is sold out due to an unexpected emergency, know that Daily Bread has the perfect alternative milk for you. With this powdered milk it’s not like the horrible powdered milk that you might remember trying in the past. The process of turning milk has changed and improved in the past decades. Daily Bread has sourced the highest quality of nonfat milk that has the best tasting and has is perfect for recipes that call for milk.

Planning on a camping, hunting or outdoor adventure and in need of milk? Don’t deal with dragging a heavy cooler with ice and just for a few gallons! Just bring a can of Daily Bread White Milk Alternative Mix and you’ll be set! No refrigeration or ice need with this can. Just scoop out two Tbsp. of milk, add water and in seconds you have a glass ready to drink.

With every food that Daily Bread offers it comes packed in a #10 cans that is designed to last for decades. Because Daily Bread uses double enameled can and uses an oxygen absorber it will provide a long lasting shelf life of up to 25 years! Reassure that your food storage will last and provide your family with the comfort for decades knowing that they won’t go hungry in the foreseeable future.
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