7" Hunting Knife with Fire Starter

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Matte Finish | 440 Steel | Flint fire starter

Strong and dependable
Constructed of 440 steel, this hunting knife has no moving parts to break. Survival Knife
Includes flint fire starter and lanyard cord that could be used in survival situations. Easy to Carry
The knife's sheath makes it easy to carry where ever you may go. Having a knife that you can rely on and you know won't be falling apart in an emergency or in the backcountry is very important. Constructed of 440 steel - a steel known as being high grade cutlery steel - this solid blade knife is durable and will not be falling apart any time soon.

It can be extremely frustrating to have a knife fall apart when you need it. Many knifes have moving parts that eventually wear out and brake down, but this solid blade knife will be around when you need it. Knife includes green rope laced around the handle, but you can also customize your knife with paracord or any other material.
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