70mm Cap Wrench

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When storing water you want to make sure that your containers lids are screwed down all the way. Depending on your grip strength it can be hard to tighten the lid down, especially if your hands are wet. Well look no further our 70mm Cap Wrench is perfectly designed to work with any containers that have a 70mm (2.755 inches) lid. Easy to use with its curved handle allowing you the perfect leverage to tighten your 5-gallon stackable water container. This wrench is lightweight and made of fiberglass filled nylon and won't produce any sparks in the case of a gas leak.

In an emergency situation, there is no doubt that the number one important element to your survival is water. As your body starts to lose water you can become weak and disoriented very quickly and if left without water for more than three days it can be fatal. That's why FEMA and the ReadyStore stress the importance of storing emergency drinking water for you and your family. Emergencies aren't considerate and won't give you a months’ notice before they arrive at your doorstep. That's why we recommend that everyone should have a minimum of a 3-month supply of drinking water always on hand for the unexpected.

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