Spa Mister Glass Oil Diffuser

Spa Mister Glass Oil Diffuser

Amber Glass Oil Diffuser

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Hand-blown Glass | Dim Level Lighting | 1,000 sq ft coverage

Elegant Aromatherapy
The Amber Glass Oil Diffuser compliments the design of your room and impresses all with the benefits of an aromatic diffuser. Spread the Love to all Your Guests
The Amber Glass Oil Diffuser offers the empowering benefits of essential oils to all your guests with by covering up to 400 sq ft in your home, office or other living area. White Dimming Lights
The modern look and feel of the Obsidian Glass Oil Diffuser offers 3 levels of dimming white lights to act as the perfect decoration and nightlight for a bedroom.This elegant hand-blown Amber Glass Oil Diffuser will act as a central element of design and add all the aromatic benefit you love. Add between 5-12 drops (depending how powerful you want the aroma) to your diffuser to enjoy those calming and uplifting benefits you love most.

The Amber Glass Oil Diffuser sends your favorite Makani Essential Oils or other oil blends into the air throughout your home or office and covers a massive 400 sq ft of space. With a capacity of 150 ml you can easily run the Obsidian Diffuser up to 5 hours before having to refill.

This diffuser adds artistic flair and will be one of your favorite decorations. With a sense of style and calmness, turn any room in your home into a place of serenity. Each Ready Store diffuser is lightweight making them easy to move from room to room and portable to take with you to the office.
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