AquaPod 65-Gallon Emergency Bathtub Water Container

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One thing we have learned from Katrina and Sandy storms is that when it comes to being prepared for a natural disaster nothing is more important than having clean, fresh drinking water that is easily accessible. The AquaPod provides just that. Simply lay out the 65-Gallon Emergency Bathtub Water Container in any standard bathtub, attach the fill sock to the bathtub nozzle and start filling it up. Within 20 minutes you and your family will have up to 65 gallons of safe water that is ready to consume. The AquaPod is the perfect emergency water supply container to have on hand for any emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, or flooding. Buy several and use them in each bathtub in your home for extra security.

How do you get the water out? Simple! Each 65-Gallon Emergency Bathtub Water Container comes with a siphon to pump the water out. Fill up a pitcher or bucket to use for drinking, cooking, washing, flushing or whatever else you need water for. Avoid the long lines of anxious people trying to get bottled water at distribution centers. Keep your family safe at home with up to 65 gallons of stored water that lasts up to 4 weeks.

Why not just use water stored in an open bathtub? Because water stored in an open tub is subject to soap scum, debris, dirt, and other contaminants. Water stored in this emergency bathtub water bladder however, is protected by a 4 mil food grade liner that is US FDA approved. Keep your family safe and give them clean drinking water for all their needs. When the emergency is over, just slit the liner and drain the remaining water.

NOTE: According to the manufacturer the AquaPod should be a once used product.
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