Bung Wrench

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This bung wrench is ideal for quickly and easily opening your water barrels and bucket lids. Sturdy plastic construction resists breaking and corrosion.

In an emergency situation there is no doubt that the number one important element to your survival is water. As your body starts to lose water you can become weak and disoriented very quickly and if left without water for more than three days it can be fatal. You know the importance of storing emergency drinking water for your family. You may even have several water drums and other storage containers full of water in your garage, but have you thought ahead to how you will get the water out of the drum when that disaster really hits?

This Bung wrench is perfect for opening the large water drums and many 5-6 gallon buckets. The extremely sturdy plastic construction resists breaking and corrosion so your wrench is ready for you when you need it the most.
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