Campfire Meals Bundle

  • 12 entree varieties
  • Add hot water
  • Inspired Gourmet Meals
  • Up to 10 Year Shelf Life
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If you’re a weekend adventurer, camper, hiker, and Huntsman or maybe just need a quick meal while on the go, then I recommend you try Campfire Meals Bundle kit. Providing you with a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner pouches. Each pouch contains 2 servings and contains gourmet food that has been prepared and freeze-dried. Enjoy the delicious meals like lasagna with meat sauce, rice with shredded barbecue beef and my personal favorite is the hearty breakfast skillet.

Campfire Meals has a strong customer satisfaction track record and our convenient, great-tasting food and lower sodium that has people chose Campfire Meals as the only emergency food storage brand they trust. Campfire Meals never needing preservatives or additives to be added. They’re all natural and perfect source for emergency food storage and daily use. It’s our mission to provide gourmet tasting and nutritious option.

Campfire Meals won’t cut corners with their products. Using the highest quality mylar pouch that is hermetically sealed and includes an oxygen absorber in each bag. Campfire Meals food storage will have the long lasting shelf life of up to 10 years! Perfect to use for any outdoor or recreational occasion!

What’s in this bundle kit:

Breakfast (4 Pouches | 8 Servings)
(1) Cooked Scrambled Eggs with Sausage - 2 Serving
(1) Breakfast Skillet - 2 Serving
(1) Crunchy Granola with Honey and Vanilla - 2 Serving
(1) Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal - 2 Serving
Lunch and Dinner (8 Pouches | 16 Servings)
(1) Lasagna with Meat Sauce - 2 Serving
(1) Rice and Chicken Tortilla - 2 Serving
(1) Rice and Sweet Pulled Pork - 2 Serving
(1) Mexican Style Rice with Chicken - 2 Serving
(1) Rice and Barbecue Sauce with Shredded Beef - 2 Serving
(1) Macaroni and Cheese with Beef - 2 Serving
(1) Rice and Chili with Beans - 2 Serving
(1) Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken - 2 Serving
More Information
Total Servings 24
Supply Duration 1-Week
Shelf Life 10 Years
Packaging Pouch
Allergen and Specialty N/A
Storage Requirements To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims, industry standards and relevant studies from reliable sources. Manufacturer disclaims any liability or warranty as actual shelf life results may vary depending on individual storage conditions.
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