Food Insurance Certified Prepper Backpack

Food Insurance Certified Prepper Backpack

Food Insurance 72-hour Bug-Out Kit - 2 Person

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  • Designed for 2 person
  • 33 total servings
  • Botles filter 100 gallons each
  • self-contained bag
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Unexpected disasters are showing up every day on the news. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, somewhere someone is experiencing the misfortune of natural or man-made disaster. The best thing to do is to prepare for when the #SHTF and what’s recommended by FEMA and other emergency agencies is to have a 72-hour bug-out-bag. This 72-hour Bug-Out Kit (2 Persons) is a self-contained emergency kit that is perfect for an emergency situation.

This kit comes packed with delicious freeze-dried and dehydrated entrée’s that can be enjoyed in minutes! Just add hot water and you will have a spoon full of hearty breakfast skillet or my favorite cheesy broccoli rice. With food this good you’ll feel like you’re on a camping trip not dealing with an unexpected disaster.

Now this 72-hour kit will include a variety of different tools to keep you well in your emergency. But one item that I’m sure you’ll love is our emergency water bottle with filter. Each water bottle and filter will treat 100 gallons of water and that calculates to a 50-day supply of drinking water! Now you might be wondering what this water filter does. Well because of the high quality filter it will remove 99.99% of particles, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Also if you want to use this bottle for everyday use it will also remove up to 90% of fluoride.

What’s inside this 72-Hour Kit:
(1) Heavy-duty Backpack
(1) Loaded Potato Soup - 6 Servings
(6) Breakfast Skillet - 1 Servings
(1) Hearty Vegetable Blend - 7.5 Servings
(1) Creamy Mushroom Rice - 7.5 Servings
(1) Cheesy Broccoli Rice - 6 Servings
(2) Water Bottle and Filter
(2) Utensil Tool
(2) Steel Cup
(2) Stove and Fuel Pellets
(2) Boxes of Waterproof Matches

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Supply Duration 3-Day
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