Ready Store BlenderBottle - 28oz

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This dishwasher-safe BlenderBottle Classic is easy to use and easy to clean. Just pour ingredients into the BlenderBottle Classic, put the BlenderBall® wire whisk inside, and get mixing. In just a few moments, your drink or food will be well-blended and ready to enjoy.

Perfect for blending powdered drink mixes, dietary shakes, fresh and concentrated juices, cocktails, baby formula, powdered eggs for omelets, pancake mix, salad dressing mixes, and much much more. Plus, handy measuring guides make it extra easy to use the right amount of ingredients and liquid.

Power might not always be available. With this hand-powered BlenderBottle Classic, all it takes is a few shakes and your foods and beverages will be mixed to perfection for on the go use or cooking in the kitchen.
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