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Cookin' With Rice and Beans

Cookin' With Rice and Beans

Cookin' With Home Storage

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Over 550 Recipes | Conversion Charts | Loaded with Tips

Save time with this large collection of recipes
No need to reinvent the wheel, grab this book when you are making your next lunch or dinner. Feel confident in your purchase
Peggy Layton is a well known food storage expert and many years of experience went into these recipes. Prepare for the future
By having recipes, you will be ready to dip into your food storage or even make a tasty meal any day of the week.The latest 2010 version of Cookin' With Home Storage is a timeless food storage cookbook. The best selling book by renowned food storage expert Peggy Layton, Cookin With Home Storage is sure to be a treasure for your preparations. This substantial cookbook comes with over 550 recipes by Peggy Layton and Vicki Tate.

This book contains a variety of resourceful information such as:

- Charts on what to store and how much to store.

- Charts on how to reconstitute dehydrated and freeze dried food.

- Historical information on how the pioneers really lived

- Authentic pioneer recipes using the basic foods available in the 1800's.

- Emergency food storage and survival tips

- Great Grandmas home remedies and household cleaners

- Natural beauty and personal care

- Pet food and baby food and much, much, more.

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