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Hydration is the top priority during the summer months. For parents, it can be a hassle to have your kids drink just water. That’s why Daily Bread has thought of you and will take one less stressful thing off your plate for the unexpected emergency. To make just add cold water with two tablespoons of Daily Bread Apple Drink Mix and stir. This sweet apple flavor will make your kids asking for more!

Want to have a cool treat for the summer heat? Just make 8 oz. of Apple Drink and add to an ice cube tray. Once frozen you add to any beverage that needs some sweet apple flavor. Perfect to add in ice tea! Worried that your pitcher of Apple Drink is going to get watered down with all the ice from the summer heat? Just add a tray of your new flavored ice cubes and every chilled glass will be full of sweet apple flavor.

With every food that Daily Bread offers it comes packed in a #10 cans that are designed to last for decades. Because Daily Bread uses double enameled can and uses an oxygen absorber it will provide a long lasting shelf life of up to 25 years! Reassure that your food storage will last and provide your family with the comfort for decades knowing that they won’t go hungry in the foreseeable future.
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