Daily Bread Dehydrated Spinach Flakes

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Daily Bread Freeze-dried Bananas are delicious just like the fresh fruits that you’re used to. These bananas are perfect to add to your oatmeal or just mix with some nuts to make your own trail mix. You can eat them dry right out of the can or add water to hydrate your bananas. Your family will love the sweet blissful flavor of bananas in every bite.

When dealing with an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or maybe some financial instability you know Daily Bread foods is perfect for whatever life throws your way. Daily Bread offers a great variety of food is easy to prepare, tastes great, is convenient to store for decades. Daily Bread won't cut corners and uses the highest quality double-enameled can and oxygen absorber. Daily Bread food storage will have the long lasting shelf life of up to 25 years! Rest assured knowing that your food storage will provide your family with the comfort for decades in knowing that no one will go hungry in an unexpected emergency.

Daily Bread has a strong customer satisfaction track record and our convenient, great-tasting food and lower sodium that has people chose Daily Bread as the only emergency food storage brand they trust. Daily Bread freeze-dried fruits and vegetables never needing preservatives or additives to be added. They're all natural and perfect source for emergency food storage and daily use. It's our mission to provide the best tasting and nutritious options for anything that life may bring.
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