Dinner Is In The Jar

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30 Recipes | Great Tasting | Comes with Container Labels

Fine tuned meals with simplicity
By creating these just add water meals to your food storage you can fine tune them to your dietary needs. Feel confident in your purchase
Making meals out of foods you already eat gives you the utmost confidence that when it comes time to eat your reserves that you will be familiar with them. Prepare for the future
By learning how to make and by making the meals in advance you will be able to be prepared to make delicious foods moving forward.With the Dinner Is In The Jar book you will learn how to make just-add-water meals. If you chose you will be able to fine tune the needs of your family by making tweeks to the recipes to fit within your special dietary needs. This collection of ready to eat food storage recipes is sure to give you a wide variety of tasty meals that will make using your food reserves easy when it comes time to using it.

Aside from the recipes there are food labels that you can photocopy so when you finish packing the food in the jar or mylar bag you will have something to identify it as well as the instructions on how to prepare it when the time comes to use it.

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