EasyPrep Basic Food Supply Bucket - 64 Servings

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1 PACK - EasyPrep Basic Food Supply Bucket - 64 Servings
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4 PACK - EasyPrep Basic Food Supply Bucket - 64 Servings

Just Add Water | Stackable Bucket | Easy to Store

Easy to prepare with EasyPrep
If your planning a weekend camping trip or preparing for the unexpected disaster. Easyprep is the perfect product for you. New 4-serving meal pouches!easy
Enjoy the flexibility with our new 4-serving meal pouches! You can make 1-serving or more servings, it's just that easy! Enjoy the easy variety
This 64 serving bucket will provide you with a tantalizing variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner + drinks! Long lasting shelf-life
This isn’t your normal dry food from your grocery store. This food has been designed to last up to 25 years! It might not surprise you in this crazy world that we live in, but buying food storage is becoming as common as buying auto or home insurance. With EasyPrep food storage, you will have immediate relief and comfort in knowing that your loved ones won't go hungry in an emergency. Financial crisis happens all to often and could be caused by job loss or medical debt. Having food storage is a great way to provide for your family during an unexpected emergency.

Our new EasyPrep Basic Meal bucket contains 64 delicious gourmet servings.Varying from our tomato basil soup, mexican style chicken and rice, creamy vegetables with rice, sweet & spicy habanero chili and more! Click the what's in the box tab for more details on an itemized list on this bucket content.

Since 2013, EasyPrep has provided America with a nutritious and dependable bucket. Being prepared can be staggering at first, but with EasyPrep buckets have been formulated to taste great and most importantly last up to 25 years! EasyPrep food storage will provide you with comfort and food-security in the easiest way possible. So be wise and chose EasyPrep for your food storage and pantry.

If you're interested in the nutritional information for the bucket, check out a detailed nutritional breakdown of the foods below:

Spicy Mango Habanero Chili Nutritional Information
Mexican Chicken Flavored Rice Nutritional Information
Creamy Vegetable with Rice Nutritional Information
Tomato Basil Soup Nutritional Information
Fortified Instant Milk Nutritional Information
Oatmeal with Brown Sugar Nutritional Information
Fortified Orange Drink Mix Nutritional Information
6-Grain Cereal with Honey Nutritional Information
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