EasyPrep Berry Bash Bucket - 146 Servings

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1 PACK - EasyPrep Berry Bash - 146 Servings
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Fruits and more! | Just Add Water | Up to 25 Years!

Will last decades!
This isn’t your normal fruit food from your grocery store. EasyPrep food have been designed to last up to 25 years! But out ready
If you get notified that you have to evacuate from your home, what will you grab? Make EasyPrep your number one thing to grab! New 8-serving fruit pouches!
Enjoy the flexibility with our new 8-serving fruit pouches! You can make 1-serving or more. It's just that easy! Delicious Instant Sauces!
Having freeze-dried fruit is great but why not enjoy a delicious sweet variety of instant sauces like Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Pudding and Freeze-dried Vanilla Yogurt. Just add water and in seconds you can enjoy delicious sauces. When preparing for a disaster experts recommend that an emergency food supply should contain items with a high amount of vitamins and minerals. The best way to achieve that is having freeze-dried fruit in your supply. With this bucket of EasyPrep you can enjoy a delicious variety of freeze-dried fruit. This bucket contains nutritious fruits like bananas, peaches, apples and strawberries. Lets not forget the best part is the instant sauces of vanilla yogurt, caramel and vanilla yogurt that will help boost your moral in an emergency.

Disasters can be abrupt and unforgiving at times. When dealing with a devastating disaster it can take weeks if not months to rebuild the infrastructure surrounding you. Don’t rely on your local grocery stores to keep food on your tables during a disaster. That's why experts recommend that you should store a supply of food and water in the case of an emergency. So be wise and be prepared for an unexpected emergency with EasyPrep Foods.

Since 2013 EasyPrep has provided America with a nutritious and dependable food storage buckets. EasyPrep noticed that getting prepared can be an overwhelming process and have made prepping truly easy. Enjoy the easy to store buckets of veggies, breakfast, drinks, lunch and dinner meals! The best part is the long-lasting shelf-life of up to 25 years, no seriously!

Check out the nutritional information for this bucket below:

Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices Nutritional Information
Freeze-Dried Bananas Nutritional Information
Freeze-Dried Apple Chunks Nutritional Information
Freeze-Dried Vanilla Yogurt Nutritional Information
Caramel Dipping Sauce Nutritional Information
Vanilla Pudding Mix Nutritional Information
Freeze-Dried Peach Slices Nutritional Information
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