EasyPrep Freeze Dried Ultimate All-Meat Bucket

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1 PACK - EasyPrep Freeze Dried Ultimate All-Meat Bucket
2 PACK - EasyPrep Freeze Dried Ultimate All-Meat Bucket
4 PACK - EasyPrep Freeze Dried Ultimate All-Meat Bucket

No Filler. Only Real Meat | Just Add Water | 25+ Years!

85 Servings of 100% Real Meat
Don't settle for competitor buckets that use imitation meat or fake protein. This is only real meat! No Wasted Meat
If you buy fresh meat from the grocery store, you have to eat it in a couple days. This bucket allows you to prepare fresh, fully-cooked meat whenever you want it - saving you money and time! Easy to stack
EasyPrep bucket have been designed with interlocking groves, allows the bucket to securely stack on top of each other. Food for an Emergency!
You can enjoy this bucket knowing that it has a 25+ year shelf life. This allows you to be prepared for a disaster whenever it may strike. Who doesn't like meat? You definitely do not want to miss out on this EasyPrep Freeze-Dried Ultimate All-Meat Bucket. This bucket is a combination of chicken, diced and ground beef, turkey, and sausage crumbles. Adding one of these buckets to your food storage gives you peace of mind knowing you have a variety of meats and proteins essential for the most crucial of times. You can add these meats to tacos, meat pies, stews, soups, or any of your favorite meat dishes - the possibilities are endless! All of these types of meat have a great source of protein to keep you going throughout the day. Whether it be an emergency or just using it in your everyday meals, this is a bucket you can rely on. Make sure to check out all of our freeze dried meat products today!

Disasters can be abrupt and unforgiving at times. When dealing with a disaster it can take weeks if not months to rebuild the infrastructure surrounding you. Don’t rely on your local grocery stores to keep food on your tables during a disaster. That's why experts recommend that you should store a supply of food and water in the case of an emergency. So be wise and be prepared for an unexpected emergency with EasyPrep Foods.

Since 2013 EasyPrep has provided America with a nutritious and dependable food storage buckets. EasyPrep noticed that getting prepared can be an overwhelming process and have made prepping truly easy. Enjoy the easy to store buckets of veggies, breakfast, drinks, lunch and dinner meals! The best part is the long-lasting shelf-life of up to 25 years!
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