Essential Oil Carry Bag - 32 Count

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Holds 32 Bottles | Small | Light Weight

Fits anywhere
Toss it in your backpack, bag, car, suitcase, whatever. This medium sized 32 count bag is perfect for anywhere you want to go. Essential Oils on the Go
This carrying case allows you to store and transport your favorite essential oils and blends so that you have them with you at all times. Safety Padding
This carrying case is padded to the max to keep your oils safe and sound. This case is a step up from the 10 bottle bag, it has individual padded bottle loops that provide even more protection from cracked bottles.

This 32 bottle Essential Oil Carry Bag is a little larger than out 10 count bag but carries almost 40% more. With a criss cross pattern of padded material in the interior of the case, each essential oils bottle is protected from damage and against breaking against other bottles.

Essential oils helps you be prepared in all situations. This case helps you have all your favorite essential oils in one case. Simply pack it and be prepared for any situation.
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