EasyPrep Freeze Dried Strawberry Yogurt - Pouch

Great snack for every day use or can be used for your food storage.
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Zip-lock Pouch | Eat Straight from Pouch | Great Snack

Child approved
Both kids and adults love these freeze-dried strawberry yogurt bites. They won't last long in your pantry, trust us. Great for on-the-go
Easy to carry and nutritious, these yogurt bites are great for on-the-go. Great snack food
In a zip-lock pouch, this strawberry yogurt makes a delicious, clean snack to be taken anywhere.You will find that it is difficult to keep a very large supply of freeze-dried Strawberry Yogurt in your pantry; both adults and kids alike just can't seem to keep their grubby hands out of the pouch. Freeze-dried yogurt makes for a delicious snack that is easy to take with you anywhere you go. You can let these yogurt bites melt in your mouth, you can crunch down on them, or you can even reconstitute them by adding water.

During a disaster, experts agree that it is important to eat the same types of foods you are already used to consuming to help reduce stress levels and increase comfort. With a zip-lock pouch, these freeze-dried yogurt bites are an easy snack to take with you in your car, to church, school, work, or hiking trip.

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