GAG GIFT - Saratoga Farms Dehydrated Water

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Never Goes Bad | Fun Prank Gift | Great Laugh

Make food storage fun
Have a great laugh at the expense of your friend by giving him a can of dehydrated water. Hint: it full of air! Protect your family from stale conversation
Hermetically sealed and stored in a double-enameled can, our dehydrated water will provide zero nutrition but plenty of laughs. Be prepared for your next time of sadness
Turn that frown upside down, with this great gag gift. Gluten Free, Fat Free and All Natural!!
For those who deal with allergies know that this can of Dehydrated Water is safe to use!Saratoga Farms dehydrated water is the perfect gift for those preparedness-minded folks with a funny bone. Give a can to a neighbor, family member, or your arch nemesis and sit back and enjoy a good hard laugh.

Our dehydrated water comes from the Rocky Mountain range known for some of the United States best-tasting water. This pure clean drinking water is painstakingly dehydrated in a USDA facility and put in a double-enameled can for long-term storage. Previous shelf life studies have shown that you can expect an indefinite shelf life so no matter when you need it you got it. Shelf life that even Methuselah would be happy with.

At The Ready Store, we like to have a good time. While this product might not help you toward your preparedness goals, it will certainly give your family and friends a laugh.
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