Harvest Right Large Freeze Dryer - White

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Enjoy the low contrast and fresh appeal with our white freeze-drying machine. Having freeze dried food will give you the longest shelf life possible but having a commercial freeze drying machine is not something practical for your every-day-prepper. That's why Harvest Right has designed this patented technology that allows you to have a freeze-drying machine in your kitchen! When plugging in your Large Freeze Dryer please note it requires a 110 volt power source (NEMA 6-15).

Having a counter top dehydrator will evaporate anywhere from 20-40% of the nutritional value and flavor from your food. Yikes! But with your Harvest Right freeze-drying machine, it will lock in close to 100% of the nutrition value and flavor in your food. Now you might wonder how big is a counter top "large" freeze dryer, why it's only 32 1/2" Tall x 22 1/2" Wide x 25 1/2" Deep.

How often do you over cook or can't pass up on buying a big roast at a crazy deal? Why the average American household wastes over $2,200 in food each year. Instead of storing your leftovers away in your fridge, why don't you freeze-dry them and save them for later! Now you can enjoy having Christmas dinners in July or Thanksgiving dinner while camping in the summer with your family. The best part about freeze-dried food is that it only requires you to add hot water and in 7-10 minutes you have a hydrated meal ready to serve.

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