Heavy Duty Barrel Bag - Green

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Storing water can be a chore. Many don't have a lot of space to put their water storage inside. The Heavy Duty Barrel Bag allows you to safely store 55-gallon water containers outdoors. It will protect against dirt, animal droppings and other pollutants that could potentially enter into the water through the cap of the barrel. The Heavy Duty Barrel Bag extends the life of your barrel even further than the original barrel bag by protecting it from the sun's harmful rays with its UV resistant material.

If you can put a pillow case on your pillow, you can install the Barrel Bag. Simply open drawstring end and slip cover over the water drum and pull down. Cinch the drawstring at the bottom and you are done! The tight seal at the bottom will help provide an additional barrier to entry. Because the material is breathable, you will be able to defend against mildew.

As an added bonus you can also use the bag as storage bag in an emergency. Simply remove from the container and use it to transport a wide variety of goods.
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