Barocook Flameless Cooker 850ml (Medium)

Barocook Flameless Cooker 850ml (Medium)


7" Hunting Knife with Fire Starter

Insulated Tube Tent

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Insulates Body Heat | Versatile | Compact

Stay warm
Aluminum coated interior reflects body heat to keep you warm. Keep dry
A step up from the open tube tent, this tube tent is sealed on one end with a close-able door on the other. Versatile
This insulated tube tent can be used as a shelter, emergency blanket, or ground cover. Lightweight and compact
This tube tent is lightweight and will hardly take up any space in your backpack.Insulated Tube Tent is perfect for any 72 hour kit and will easily fit into your emergency kit. With aluminum insulation, sealed back and close-able door, this tent is a step up from the open tube tent. The reflective aluminum technology reflects body heat back inside the tent for insulation to fight against natural elements.

This tent can also be used as ground cover to keep yourself dry on wet ground or as an emergency blanket to wrap around a body. Included with the tent is 23 feet of rope and 4 tent pegs. This tent is a must have for any emergency kit.
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