Kaito Radio Flashlight & Cell Phone Charger

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Multiple Functions | 5 Power Sources | Cell Phone Charger

Feel Secure during an Emergency
This radio has it all: 3 LED light, NOAA weather band, USB cell phone charger, analog AM/FM radio, and more. Utilize Even For Non-Emergency Situations
Compact size makes it perfect for camping and hiking trips, power outages, or for peace of mind while traveling! Feel Confident in Your Preparations
As always, this product has been put through it's paces so you can trust the quality from Kaito and the Ready Store. Keep Your Emergency Supplies Organized
This multi-function tool fits compactly into your 72 hour kits/bug out bags.Ever been through a power outage only to find your flashlight batteries are dead? Don't put yourself in the same position for the next outage or even worse for a disaster or emergency. Instead of scrambling for batteries, grab this Kaito Radio Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger multi-function tool, crank the dynamo or lay it out in the sun to charge up and you will be good to go with a 3 LED flashlight as well as a variety of radio bands (NOAA too) to keep you up to date with the latest information.

Here are some of the Kaito Radio Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger's many features:

- AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz)
- NOAA weatherband - all 7 channels
- 3 Built-in white LED light source
- Powered by solar or dynamo both of which charge internal Ni-MH battery
- Also powered by USB, AC, and AAA batteries (not included)
- USB emergency cell phone charger (USB cable not included) - crank power only
- 3.5 mm headphone jack
- 90 seconds of cranking will give you 45 minutes of radio playing
- 8 to 10 hours of solar charge will give you 4-5 hours of play time

NOTE: This radio may come in green if black is unavailable.

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