Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Large Stove - Bundle Kit

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This Large Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle Bundle Kit boils approximately 9.5 - 6 oz. mugs of water at a time. Suitable for base camps, car camping, Scout camps, picnics, hunters, outfitters outposts, emergency preparedness kits, humanitarian aid stations, or anyone working in the forests or the great outdoors.

The Kelly Kettle works in harsh weather conditions bringing water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occurring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, bark etc. No need to carry fuel. Ever! Kelly Kettle users have described their kettles as the "Greatest Invention of all Time". Cost-Free, Carbon-Neutral, Eco-Friendly Camping at its Very Best!

Insert the pot support and place food in the pot, cap it off with a lid and you will be cooking in no time. Want to cook directly over the firebase at the bottom of the Kelly Kettle? Just lift the handle of the Kettle and place the grill on the top of the fire base and place pot or food directly on the grill.

Note: The fire bases invert partially up into the bottom of our kettles to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage. Normally, the fire base will not invert fully up into the kettle. Never force the inverted base up into the kettle to try and achieve a 'perfect' fit as; this may cause damage to the kettle or result in the base becoming stuck within the kettle.

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