Leather Gloves

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Leather | Breathable Back Fabric | Great Value

Be Prepared No Matter What Happens
These leather gloves will be a welcome sight when work needs to get done, often in times of disaster tough work needs to be done and a good pair of gloves will help you in that aim. Save Time & Be Organized
With leather gloves you can work harder and longer than if you were working with bare hands. Don't Stress about Emergencies
By adding these to your first aid kit you will have put yourself into a better spot than if you hadn't. Don't skimp and regret it later! Feel Confident in Your Preparations
Recommended by the American Red Cross, leather gloves slide easily into your survival kit, office desk, car glovebox or other storage locations.A small item that can go a long way. Leather working gloves are included on the American Red Cross's list of items that should be included in your Disaster Supplies Kit and are a smart choice to keep your hands in good shape as you work. Don't be unprepared and wish you had them!
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