Lid for 5-Gallon Water Container - Stackable

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Looking for an additional lid for your 5 Gallon Stackable? You've found it! Our 5-Gallon Stackable Water Containers lid has a knock-out plug that you can use attach the spigot for easy access to your water. Each lid comes with a tamper proof lid to ensure water safety and purity. The opaque white prevents light from penetrating the container to stop bacteria build up. Don't forget to buy the Water Preserver to get a 5 year storage life on your water!

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid leaking, tighten cap well. The vast majority are able to do so by hand. For those that are not able to fasten the cap tight enough by hand, we recommend using channel locks and Teflon Tape as needed.

Depending on what version of container you receive, some will come with an anti-tampering lid, when tightening the cap you will hear the anti-tampering ring produce a clicking sound. Some people make the mistake thinking that when it clicks the cap is tight enough but that is not the case, you need to tighten the cap until you can't tighten it anymore.
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