Military Ration Fruit Beverage Mix - Lemonade

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Up to 5 Year Shelf-Life | Military Manufacturer | Tasty Flavors

Feel confident in the quality of your product
The MRE Lemonade Beverage Mix is made from our contracted manufacturer - who also makes these products for the U.S. military! Don't worry and don't waste time
No stove, fuel, or cookware required when you drink this MRE Lemonade Beverage Mix. Make emergency preparedness easier
Drink pouches are the perfect size to fit in any emergency kit: home, auto, school or even for office emergency kits! Don't stress about restocking
MRE drink pouches have up to a 5 year shelf life-much longer than most beverage pouches so you don't have to worry about rotating for a long time Simplify your life
This slim profile pouch is convenient and 100% self-contained.Water is the number one item your body needs to survive and yet, it can also be the most bland. There's no doubt that after a long day spent in the heat that an ice cold glass of pure water is absolutely refreshing. However, if that is all you have to drink day after day it can get a bit boring. The Ready Store knows the importance of not only having food and drinks, but also eating and drinking WELL during an emergency. These MRE beverage pouches allow you to add flavor and zip to your water anytime, anywhere. They are the perfect size for bottled water (only 12oz water required) and are especially helpful during emergency situations because they help to remove the aftertaste that can come from chemically purified water.

It is up to us to obtain emergency supplies ahead of time so that our families can be as comfortable as possible. Flavorful food and drinks that our families are used to eating creates a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic situation. The MRE drink packets are perfect for emergency kits because they have up to a 5 year shelf-life and fit easily into a backpack pocket. MRE meals and drinks are an optimal solution for short term food storage.

Emergency officials recognize the need for food storage. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends that people should store comfort foods as wells as the basics.
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