Mountain House Chicken Stew

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25+ Year Shelf-Life | Just Add Water | Great Taste

Stay healthy during a disaster
This Mountain House Chicken Stew meal contains 12 grams of protein 2 grams of fiber and 20% Vitamin A to keep you healthy and strong. 100% Gourmet freeze-dried food
Never chewy or oily, freeze-dried food tastes great because it retains the original taste, texture, nutrients, and aroma. Make food storage convenient
Just add water and in a matter of minutes you are eating a nutritious meal the whole family will enjoy. Be prepared for the next time of need
With a 25+ year shelf life you can be prepared and have peace of mind. When the power is out, your roads are snowed in, or you are riding the turbulent waves of a troubled economy, this hearty Chicken Stew with a succulent blend of vegetables in a rich gravy from Mountain House can give you comfort with its delicious home-style flavor.

This durable #10 can provides a 25+ year shelf life, so even if you've ignored your food storage for years you can still pull out this freeze-dried chicken stew and have a hot meal in a simple, easy, step by adding just a little-boiled water. We at The Ready Store want you to enjoy your food storage, not just endure it. That's why we offer appetizing meals like this tasty stew from Mountain House containing fresh tasting garden vegetables and hearty chunks of chicken to please your palates. When times get tough and food is scarce you will feel secure knowing you are prepared with a scrumptious emergency food supply the whole family will gladly eat.

Mountain House freeze-dried foods have long been a top brand in the industry regarding quality and taste. Freeze-Dried foods offer many advantages over dehydrated foods. To begin with, they taste much better because through the freeze-drying process the foods retain their taste, texture, and shape of fresh frozen foods. In addition, freeze-drying locks in the freshness, vitamins, nutrients, color, and aroma of fresh frozen foods while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned and dehydrated foods.
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