Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki

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25+ Year Shelf-Life | Just Add Water | Great Taste

100% Gourmet freeze-dried food
Never chewy or oily, freeze-dried food tastes great because it retains the original taste, texture, nutrients, and aroma. Make food storage convenient
Just add water and in a matter of minutes you are eating a nutritious meal the whole family will enjoy. Be prepared for the next time of need
With a 25+ year shelf life you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being prepared. Make your food storage exciting
Great main course for a complete, delicious meal. Add mashed potatoes, vegetables, or some more rice to add variety and more nutrients!This savory freeze-dried Asian cuisine is your ticket to a happy belly! When that emergency strikes, fresh foods will be harder to obtain--you don't want to be stuck eating bland meals or going to bed hungry. This tender chicken entrée is full of rice and vegetables and smothered in a delicious teriyaki sauce, satisfying even the pickiest of eaters. Just add boiling water, let stand for a few minutes, and serve a hot tasty meal. Or if necessary, prepare the whole can at once by adding the boiled water directly to the can! Every prepared pantry needs some hearty meals, and the Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki will deliver filling flavor to your emergency supply shelf.

This freeze-dry process offers many advantages over dehydrating for many reasons such as the ability to retain the taste, texture, and shape of fresh frozen foods. This means that the chicken will taste and feel like naturally cooked chicken and never chalky or rubbery. Freeze-drying locks in the freshness, vitamins, nutrients, colors, and delicious scents of your meals.

Emergencies and economic hardships happen all the time. Give your family a sense of peace and a feeling of confidence by having food storage on hand for times when obtaining food may be difficult. A can of Mountain House Teriyaki is one step closer to creating a calm household in the midst of a storm.
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