N100 Mask - Vented

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Perfect face mask for protection against swine flu, bird flu and other biological pandemics or communicable diseases. Well suited for those who want NIOSH's highest rated filtration efficiency in a maintenance free respirator.

It provides a minimum filter efficiency of 99.97% against non-oil based particles. These respirator face masks are an excellent choice for lead abatement, pharmaceutical manufacturing, welding, metal pouring and work involving OSHA substance specific particle exposures, excluding asbestos. It features the 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, comfortable face seal, adjustable straps, and lightweight construction. A high filter efficiency mask is your first line of defense against flu and other communicable diseases including the Avian (Bird) Flu and Swine Flu.

We understand your desire to prepare your family for emergency. That's why we only carry the best products to make certain our customers are both secure and satisfied. In addition to this, emergency officials recognize the need for food and water storage.
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