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Show your pet some love with PetPREP Long Term Storage DOG FOOD! Just like your children, your pets rely on you to take care of them in an emergency situation, so you'll be happy you have this long term dog food supply in your food storage. Our dog food is bite size, making it easy for any dog to eat. You can trust that your dog will love the delicious flavor of PetPREP, and will be extremely grateful it was prepared for.

We are proud to introduce PetPREP emergency food for your dog with a shelf-life of up to 15 years! Each bucket contains food within a sealed, air-tight metalized bag, along with a 2000 cc O2 absorber to maintain the highest quality of freshness. Your dog with love the fresh taste and nutrients today, or years from now.

PetPREP meets The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional standard's for quality pet food. PetPREP dog food is a complete pet nutrition, meaning no other nutrients are needed for your dog to receive the nutrition it needs to be healthy. A balance of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals makes PetPREP the best choice for long term pet food storage.

For a small dog, this supply could last up to 1 month, but will be less for larger dogs (see feeding chart on label). It should be noted that although this dog food is generally used for adult dogs, it has been certified by the AAFCO for all life stages including puppyhood, adolescence and seniority.

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